Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Evolving To Something New...

    Hello, friends.  It's been months.  When I stopped writing on this blog, I was in the middle of a troubled relationship and at the time, I felt like my world was tumbling down on me.  What I didn't know was that that was probably one of the greatest things to ever happen to me.  I felt so incredibly empty inside that it made me finally look within and it was only then when I saw just how hallow I was.  Slowly, I began to work on myself everyday.  I discovered new beliefs, philosophies, and new role models to look up to.  Pieces began to fall into place and I found myself yearning to share it, but Bliss & Liveliness no longer resonated with the picture of my future.  Like most humans out there who finally wake up, I needed to start over and build myself a new platform.  Some turn to YouTube, some turn to Instagram, but I am turning right now to my new site...

     I've been working on Isabel for the last couple months (all summer if I'm to count the thought process).  Unlike my other blogs, it's not on Blogger (WHAT!?!?! I KNOW!  SCARY STUFF!) and as of twenty minutes ago, I even bought my own domain with my name on it!  I'm officially committed to this new adventure.  No turning back and closing the door now.  I've never done anything like this before and, girls, it's surreal. Of course, there's a part of me that worries that I'm going to ditch it like I do everything else but the point of this blog (what I tell myself) is to document my spiritual journey in overcoming these limitations that I put on myself.  This is why Isabel is not just a website to me.  It's so much more than that.

     I'm sorry I kept it a secret for so long, but here she is!  Here is Isabel.

Goodbye, Darlings!


  1. Im sorry you were in that rough place for a while. but Im excited for you in this new adventure.