Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Refresh Life...Now || 7

     My new added goal to my...list of goals...is to not ditch my wellness routine over the weekend.  It'd be so good  for me to get in a quick workout and/or meditation session instead of tossing my agenda away until Monday...or in this week's case, Tuesday.  


     Little bro took me to the backyard woods.  It was completely flooded over and beautiful.  We were soaked to the bone so we made hot chocolate and watched Finding Dory when we arrived home.  My evening was spent eating at Hot Head Burritos with the best friend in celebration of Cinco De Mayo.  We passed on the offers to go to the local bar and instead watched an old Disney movie on Netflix. 


     I took a bath after work because my family was gone.  Watched The Legend of Tarzan, a magical experience.  
     Later that day, graduation party season has officially begun.


     I went shopping with my friend and her sisters.  Bought a skimpy shirt and strappy flats.


     All of my free time is being put into my must-be-done-by-graduation photo album.  I should've started 50,000 years ago. 


     ??? What did I do yesterday...???

Day Eleven:

     They were right, it gets easier.  I missed him a lot on Saturday because he was at his sister's wedding and I knew he was, at that moment, looking snazzy in a black suit.  That night,  I left my phone on and by my bed in case he called me when he got home.  I think a part of me did it out of habit but most of me was praying, begging, that he'd give in and talk to me.  He didn't.  
      Today, I do miss him but I'm actually more thankful for him than ever.  I'm so happy that he thought we should have this time away from each other because it's making me realize and accept so much.  I realize that when I was with him, I halted so much of my personal growth because I was locked into this mindset that I had to prove myself to him.  I'm also accepting (with a smile on my face) that yes, I...

a.)  Do or did have feelings for him.  I denied this to my best friend repeatedly from the day I first met Brown Eyes.
b.)  Relationships freak me out.
c.)  The feelings I had towards him turned me into a psycho. 

     As the audiobook I am listening to states, I am NOT these emotions on a soul level.  I accept that they are there and that they make me feel this way, but they are not me spiritually.

     I wanted to text him but I think I'll wait.  Ha ha!  I really want to see if he'll text me first.  I've got a gut feeling that he's starting to miss me.  ;)

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  1. That is a bunch of photos you have all lined up there. So many. Walking through the woods and being healthy sounds like it's been nice. I have been far off track. I need some motivation to est well. I get bored and hungry easily.

    Im Glad things are starting to get better with Brown Eyes.