Thursday, May 4, 2017

Rainy Day || 5

     It's almost 11PM and my fingers are itching to pick up my copy of "The Shining", but I'm really just as excited about writing on here as I am curious about what will happen to Jack, Wendy, and Danny.  The question is, what do I want to talk about?

     Ohio is rainy.  So rainy that this morning, my mom, little brother, and myself didn't manage to pull ourselves out of bed until past 9AM.  We dragged our feet around for the rest of the day but I still managed to get in some exercise, green tea, and meditation.  The jogging will have to wait though because oh, heck no am I going to get sick because I was running in the rain.

      Here's a pretty thing for good solace:

To do list for self care:
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Day five:

     Almost every bone in my body wants to text him to remind him that I'm still here, in case he forgets.  What's stopping me is that if I did connect with him, it'd be out of fear and nothing good would come out of it in that case.  In the next chapter of "Mastering Your Mean Girl", Melissa says that you must always chose love over fear in every situation because only then will you be living from your heart/true self.  
     I have informed my close friends about Plan A: DISTRACTION!  I even told my little brother, Johnny.  We, of course, giggled over my entire over-dramatic situation and I, of course, pretended to collapse on to floor in wild frustration as I exited his room and caught the slightest whiff of Brown Eyes' intoxicating smell.  It was my imagination that put it there.  Of course.  SOS?


  1. I am so happy to catch up with you. <3 It's been a busy week and I forgot all about the blogging world but on a Thursday (which is my Friday thanks to mon-thur scheduled) I get to catch up with blogging friends.

    The urge to text someone who you know you shouldn't be texting is a real struggle. I had a situation like this where a boy and me just stopped talking and I messaged him out of the blue because I missed him but things didn't go well. Someone actually asked about him in my college class. LIKE I THOUGHT WE WERE DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL DRAMA?

    You will miss him more and more but you will get use to the feeling so it won't be too awful. Rant about it with your bother is a good solution. You got this(:

    1. NO KIDDING! College students should graduate from drama along with high school.

      You're right. It's hurting more and more but it's got a different feeling with every passing day.