Sunday, October 16, 2016

Bliss & Liveliness || Blog Goals

     There are few feelings more lovely than finding what you love and desire, a passion.  The key is to not wait around for the "perfect moment" to pursue this passion.  Ten years from now, you'll find yourself still waiting for that "perfect moment".  But, Darling, imagine if you just did it...TODAY.  Imagine then where you'd be in ten years!


  • Make my blog more me.  If you Google how to increase your blog traffic, the majority of the sites you are directed to will tell you to write about what's "in".  Pish posh.  I want my blog to be uniquely and distinctly my own little happy online baby.
  • Make my way up to eventually posting every other day.  Scheduled posts are lifesavers. 
  • Get more involved with the Blogger family.  Find.  Follow.  Comment.  Support.


  • Write about my life being gluten free.
  • Share my wellness routine.
  • Share my workout routine.
  • Write a letter to my future self and share.
  • Introduce my cat, Cedric Marley.
  • Create a post sharing bloggers, friends, and family's own life philosophies. 
  • Share my bucket list.
  • Write a personal white texted post
  • Do something crazy and share my experience.
  • Talk about what it's like to live in a small farm town area.
  • Give a room tour via pictures.
  • Share my day from morning to evening through photos.
  • Share a hair tutorial.
  • Explain why my role model is my role model.
  • OOTD.
  • Host a contest.
  • Do a Q & A.
  • Share DIY's.
  • Make a vlog and share.
  • Write about my most prized possession.
  • Go a day without technology and write about it.
  • Spend a day looking at blogs and share my favorites.
  • Once a month, do a post that was voted for by my followers.

Anything in particular you'd be interested in having me write about?  Also, what are some of your blog goals?  I'm curious!

Dream big, Darlings!


  1. Super excited to be reading this post! I love your blog so I am excited that you will be trying to blog more often! I know it can be hard sometimes but you have great content! I would love to see more of you. For sure looking forward to all these post ideas and the workout one!

    1. Your feedback is always my favorite! <3

  2. Oh my goodness, these post ideas are the absolute best! I've been really loving reading all your posts lately- your blog is so great:) My blog goals pretty much consist of just making time to post more!

    1. Thank you and thank you!

      Ick, time! I know what you mean!

  3. Hey,
    These blog post ideas sound so wonderful. Im looking forward to read them. Especially the 'experience post' will be a lot of fun, I promise you.
    Love, Lea

    1. Thanks, Lea! And I'm pumped up for that one as well :))))