Thursday, June 23, 2016

Columbus, Ohio || June 2016

      So I have this fantastic aunt who lives in Columbus.  She lives in a small house with few rooms and it's decorated in a way that makes one feel like he/her is walking into a New York City loft.  It's paradise and because of this, I visit her as often as possible.  With every visit, she shows me new places she has discovered and new restaurants worth eating at.  We go on adventures throughout the day and in the late evening we sit on her couch, drink water out of wine glasses, and catch up on each other's lives.  Like I said before, Columbus with her is my favorite. 

     Now being that I'm almost 18 now, my mom finally let me drive to Columbus without her and I decided to bring my best friend along with me.  I've been wanting to show Rita the magic of Aunt Sheri's for ages now and the opportunity finally arrived so we ceased it!

Day One: Rita and I arrived in Columbus at 8pm.  We met up with Sheri at Jeni's Ice Cream.  (Highly suggested if you ever visit Columbus.  Tell the people behind the counter that you're new and try as many flavors as possible!)  Sheri then took us to the Field of Corn in Dublin.  One hundred and nine ears of random cement corn...it's quite an odd sight to see!

     Day Two:  Sheri made us the most delicious breakfast I have EVER tasted.  Rita and I got our eyebrows threaded which let me tell ya...it's painful, it's an experience, and it's worth it!  My eyebrows have never felt nor looked so good!  Just before my eyebrows were "miracle-ized", the old woman plopped me into the chair and in a thick Hispanic accent said, "Oooo, very bushy."  Ha!  Not anymore!
     Rita and I went shopping, we returned to Sheri's, and then all three of us went out to eat sushi.  Sushi is what I like to tell people, "The food God himself secretly made on the seventh day" because it's just that good.  I seriously love sushi.  Being that my best friend had never tried it and had listened to me for years rant about it's incredible flavor, she just had to try sushi!  She liked it...or so we thought...her hilarious quote after our large sushi meal was " I think I liked it less and less the more I had it."  Yes, she is still my best friend even though she does not like sushi.
     After sushi, we strolled through downtown Columbus.  It was a Friday night, it was Gay Pride weekend, and the streets were packed but I have found that I actually love crowds.  We browsed the few cute shops that were open and then just walked and walked and walked.  Para-para-paradise.

   Day Three:  The three of us woke up early, slipped into a pair of crazy patterned yoga pants and did what yoga pants are made for:  yoga.  In Old Hilliard, there's a free for all yoga class every Saturday at 8am.  The second hilarious quote from Rita was "My body probably liked it but I didn't like it."  
     Then we got a smoothie bowl from a small juice shop.  It was delicious!  From there we went to the Topiary Park to see just how cool the parks recreation of "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte" really was.  It was interesting but now worth making a trip out there to see just that.       Sheri took us to German Village as well.  We walked through the Book Loft, ate macaroons, and devoured the most scrumptious gluten free pizza.  

     The time eventually came for Rita and I to return home to our quiet little country lives.  My least favorite part of traveling.

Until next time, Columbus!

Dream big, Darlings!

Friday, June 3, 2016

My Job 01 - Librarian

     Being the excessive book reader that I am, it's always been a goal of mine to experience being employed by the library and to be labeled as an official "librarian".  It's an extremely nerdy thing to say but let's be honest, what reader wouldn't want to be surrounded by hundreds of books while getting paid?  Exactly.

      I've always been fond of the idea of having a large variety of jobs under my belt to one day help me realize what type of job I'd like to turn into a career.  In other words, I'm definitely not planning on working here forever but as of now, I'm still working at the library.  And I shall tell you about that wild place...
     So here we are in 2016 where for a small segment of my life, I was a librarian. 

     Whereas most libraries are known for being quiet and reserved, my local library is known for being somewhat of a social gathering place for everyone (including the occasional dog).  It's awesome to watch the children beg their parents to let them stay a little longer and to see the adults run into an old friend while pouring over the books on a shelf.  Sometimes they gossip about the locals and sometimes they laugh and revisit old memories.  Of course, we have the newbies come in every now and then.  They whisper and smile softly and there's always a part of me that wants to tell them that they don't have to do that here.  The regulars are the best.  Most of them are over 50 years of age.  They complain how they don't remember which books they've read or have not read because they've read so many, and they always make a comment on how unusually quiet the library is on the days when it's too nice outside for many people to stop by. 
     I also have the best boss ever (although I haven't had many bosses at all but she's still the coolest).  Her name's Becky.  She's always laughing, always smiling, friends with everybody, always has a funny story to tell, and has once randomly surprised me with a pair of fuzzy socks and a hug.  Like I said, she's the BEST! 

     Becky also told me in a joking manner that I can't leave her until I graduate so I'll be "Sarah The Librarian" for another year or so which I honestly don't mind!  It's a fun place and a fun job (I also no longer have to pay fines for my overdue items which is a Godsend)!  In my time working there, I've realized it's not something I could do for more than a few years, but it's an experience and I am beyond grateful for it.  Oh, and if it's a really slow day at work, I get to sit down and read...how fantastic is that?! :)

If you have a job, what is it and do you like it?  I'm curious!  :)

Dream big, Darlings!