Friday, May 20, 2016

Summer Bucket List of 2016


     It has become a tradition of mine to every summer put together a list of spontaneous to-do's.  It's in an attempt to never have a day of boredom and to always have infinite memories to one day smile back on.  It's a cheery little challenge to cross off every item on the list while convincing as many friends as possible to join me for the ride.  I think it's beautiful.

(You can read what happened last year...here ...here...and...here)

*drum roll please*

The Summer Bucket List of 2016!

Do something that scares me
Tie dye
Go hiking
Grow an avocado tree
Fly a kite
Ride horses and make an adventure out of it
Make butter beer
Go to an amusement park
Sneak out
Go stargazing
Read a book a day for a week
Watch a really scary movie
Go to the drive-in movies
Watch the sun set
Watch the sunrise
Go to a baseball game
Play tennis 
Finger paint on a canvas
Paint with balloon darts
Pull an all-nighter
Chalk up an entire driveway
Send a YouTuber mail
Go fishing
Break a law
Watch The Lord of the Rings movies
Go skinny dipping
See a shooting star
Spend an entire day with my little brother
Have a campfire
Watch the Harry Potter movies
Dance under the stars
Go camping
Turn 18
Give out 100 compliments
Go to a midnight premiere
Catch fireflies
Go putt-putt golfing
Go an entire day without technology
Send my best friend a card on her birthday
Take a picture everyday
Make caramel apples
Go kayaking
Go on an adventure in Indiana
- James Dean
- World's largest paint ball
- Giant indian
- Giant ice cream man
Go to the highest point in my state
Go to the Ohio Caverns
Go on an adventure in Kentucky
Eat KFC with Colonel Sanders
Go to a museum
Explore the town next door
Bike on the Ohio and Erie Canal
Flip a penny at every turn, get lost
Make herbal lemonade
Play baseball
Go to the zoo
Go canoeing
Ride a tandem bike
Go Geocaching
Eat an entire pizza
Go to Ikea with my best friend
Steal something
Go to Tawawa Park
Go paddleboarding
"What happened last night?"
Leave a note in a library book
Dance with a complete stranger
Share some secrets in the dark
Visit my fantastic relative

If you're interested in creating your own summer bucket list, here's some tips that have helped me connect with my inner creative summertime genius!

Read Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson
Watch the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Visit the blog Gone With The Summer
Listen to loud music that gives you summer vibes
(I listen to Spotify's playlist "Have a Great Day!" and Twenty One Pilots' Blurryface album)
Look up "Summer bucket lists" on Tumblr
Look up "Summer bucket lists" on Pinterest
Write your list on notebook paper so it's easy to take it on the go
Make a decked out version of your list to hang in your room.
(This year, I wrote mine on black slips of paper with a silver marker.  I'm going to tape them on my wall and every time one is accomplished, the slip will be removed and placed in a scrapbook or taped in my journal.)
Get your friends involved.
(This usually helps you accomplish everything on your list and prevents you from chickening out of anything that makes you step out of your comfort zone.)

And also, I give you permission to steal from my list.  Now go have fun and go wild (while being somewhat realistic) with your list and your summer! <-- I'd LOVE to hear about it!!

Dream big, Darlings!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Lovely Green Lively Thing

     There's something about a plant that gives me so much joy.  Yes, they're adorable but there's more to it than just that.  It's the happiness that overcomes me when I buy a new plant, the relaxing feeling I get when I watch it drink up water, and the abundant love that overcomes me when I see it blossom and grow.  It's as if it becomes a part of me.  I want to see it thrive in life almost as if it was my own child.  Do I sound like a crazy plant lady yet?  Probably yes!  I will admit to it too!  In my room, I have two peace lilies, four bamboo plants, and one cactus.  My love for them is infinite!

And guess what?!  The purpose of this post is to turn you into a crazy plant lady too! 
 *evil laughter*

Why you should become a crazy plant lady:

It's like having a pet but less work and a child but less everything.  

It's been scientifically proved that plants help people mentally and physically.  They fight bacteria and boost one's mood and self esteem.

I don't have a green thumb and my plants are still living which means that if you don't have a green thumb as well, there is hope for you not being a plant killer!

The majority of them are inexpensive.  Ikea has a fantastic selection of small house plants.  I bought my lucky bamboo and cactus there for each under $3. 

They de-stress your life.

 They give a calming effect to yourself and whichever room they're in.  It's magic.

They're chic and exquisitely eye catching.

They give your room that "Tumblr look".

And my personal favorite...you can creep out your friends and have them question your sanity by giving your plants names and then by introducing your friends to your plants.  (friend's name here), this is my cactus, Stewart Livingston, and this is my peace lily, Baby, and my bamboo plant, Leyla!

They make you happy.

Buy a plant!


And that, folks, is the end of my you-should-buy-a-plant rant!  If I convinced you, please let me know because it'd make my day! :)

Dream big, Darlings!