Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I Once Rode A Mechanical Bull

      One time, I had a wild moment of terror on a turning, bucking, fuzzy piece of mechanical equipment...

     I was standing on the other side of white plastic fence at my local county fair, being entertained by giddy teenage girls, arrogant teenage boys, and drunk 300 lb. men.  I watched them one by one step onto the cushioned platform, straddle the bull, spin faster and faster and faster, and, one by one, get tossed off like they were nothing more than a sack of potatoes.  One rather large man was even flung through the fence!  After that incident, I wasn't at all feeling any strong urges to give the bull a ride myself.
     As life would have it though, my buddy came up to me and dared me to give it a go with him.  I will admit, I very much wanted to talk my way out of the situation but you know that feeling you get when you don't want to do something, but you know you'll regret it later?  Yup, I had one of those moments. So there I found myself waiting in line with a friend beside me.  A lady eventually handed us a pen and a clipboard with a paper on top where we had to mark our signatures.  It stated that we held ourselves responsible to any injuries that could happen during the ride.  Intriguing, right?  From there, K and I slid our gloves on that were given to us at the gate.  We stepped onto the platform, straddled the bull, locked hands, laughed nervously, and felt the object beneath us turn alive.

     Upside down on that thing, it did cross my mind...I'm going to fly off of this thing, snap my neck, and die!...But guess what?!  I didn't die!  In fact, after we fell off, we got a standing ovation!  When I was dizzily making my way to the exit, a little girl even came up to me and said, "THAT WAS AWESOME!"  For the rest of the night, I felt pretty proud of myself.

     No matter how much we might detest it in the moment, when it's over, it almost ALWAYS makes for a good story.  As Eleanor Roosevelt once said,  "Do one thing every day that scares you."  Could you imagine how different our lives would be if we took up the challenge?  We'd be fearless.

Dream big, Darlings!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

An Essential Reintroduction

      Maybe you know me personally; or maybe we were once active followers on each other's blog; or maybe we both disappeared when I changed my link, title, and design to something entirely different.  I'm going to guess that most of you relate to option c) I disappeared entirely.  It seems to happen annually and with each time I think that this one will be the one.  There will be no more title/blog changes.  This is the one.  But to those of you who know me personally, you understand that I'm not a person who can make commitments.
     Here in 2016, I've spent my hours recreating and re-imagining the blog of my dreams.  The blog that will forever be what it is.  I think I've found it.  I think this is the one.  How do I know?  My mom has told me countless times that things just happen when the time is right and meant to be.  In the last few weeks, things have just happened.  Codes simply appear, words jump out at me, and designs that I have always dreamed of become a reality.  So let us cheer to my...third fresh start?

     With me turning a new leaf, an essential reintroduction feels like a must.  Sip some tea and let me tell you a little about myself so we can stand up and leave the room feeling like we've both made a new friend.

     - My name is Sarah.  I have never cared for my name for I don't feel any connection toward it nor do I feel that it expresses me, but it is what it is so I must accept it.
     - At this moment, I am seventeen years of age.
     - I'm a junior in high school and have been home schooled from day one.  It's an extraordinary experience with its many pros and fewer cons.
     - I live in a tiny town with surrounding tiny towns where everyone knows everyone and you have to drive a decent distance in order to find yourself surrounded by anything but corn fields.  It's peaceful but most of the time it's a little too slow for me.
     - I long for the life of someone who never stops seeing new places, learning new things, and meeting new people.
     - I have, what I call, ratchet hazel eyes (nobody knows what color they are), long brown hair, and lean odd limbs.  Random fact: When I was younger, I used to think I had cancer because my hands were larger than my face.
     - I buy more books than I can read, but it is a passion that will never cease.  Books and reading will be a guaranteed life of happiness and contentment.
     - I write a lot.  If my mom ever finds one of my journals, I'll be grounded for life.
     - I have a deep appreciation for art.  The art of painting, the art of photography, the art of music, the art of conversation, the art of loving, and the art of living.
     - I smile a lot without realizing that I'm smiling.  I just simply enjoy smiling.
     - I love the color red.  The red that is deeper than a ruby but nearly the same shade as blood.  I'd paint my walls in it if my mom wasn't so worried about it being one day impossible to paint over.
      - I wear a thick silver ring on my thumb because I don't feel like me when it's not on my finger.
     - I have a very large variety of music that I love to listen to.  A boy once stared at me and told me that he always tries to find a common pattern between the songs on my shuffle, but he simply cannot.  Every song that comes next is as different as the one before.
     - I absolutely adore cats because they're so odd and shopping because it's an addicting challenge to create an outfit that no one has ever seen before.
     - I don't eat gluten or carbonated beverages. (Yes, that means no pizza!)
     - I like drinking my water out of wine glasses because it makes me feel sophisticated.
     - I believe that everything happens for a reason.  Everything.
     *stands up, smiles*  I made a new friend today.

Dream big, Darlings!