Monday, August 17, 2015

The Summer Night of August 14th

     If you reading this are an officer of the law, return to whatever you were doing before you found my page.  If you decide to not do as I say, then accept this post and the activities it contains as what it is, acts of stupidity from a group of teenagers who are just trying to live up to the legend of being a teenager.   We did not break the law for fun.  We broke the law to discover what it was like before there were such things as laws.  We broke the law so we could feel the slightest effects of freedom.  So please, dear officer, judge us all you want but understand that at the end of the day, these are the stories we pass down to our children and these are the memories that live with us forever.

     It was a sudden strike of inspiration during an argument with my mother.
     "You have too much fun and have too high of expectations of life.  It is not supposed to be so fun-fun.  You need to stay home for awhile,"  She said to me.
     Little did she know that she was only turning on light-bulb after endless light-bulb.  As we watched each other, she talking and me half listening, I was surfing my thoughts repeatedly, trying to create something extraordinary.

     I didn't question what he'd think.  I just sent it.


1.  This list must be completed before school starts.
2.  It must not be done alone.
3.  You can not chicken out.
4.  You must do this.
5.  Do not question the list.

The List:

1.  Break into the Minster pool and do a cannon ball off the diving board.

2.  Steal a street sign and don't get caught.

3.  Decorate a stop sign with the words "NEVER {stop} DREAMING".

4.  Eat my first Twinkie because apparently I'm unAmerican for not having yet tried one. 

5.  Stand up on the back of a truck and feel infinite.

6.  Buy a quart of ice cream from Wagners and experience euphoria.

     Friday morning and afternoon felt like eternity. 

                                                                        Tick tock, 
                                                                                tick tock, 

                                                                                       tick tock.

7:30pm - Went to the annual outdoor mass with the family.

8:30pm - Skipped the outdoor rosary to break the law instead.  I'm a great person.  Pray for me.

9:00pm - Met up with him, A, T, R, and N.  

9:15pm - Bought a Twinkie.  This is where I say America, you disappoint me because Twinkies taste nothing like the freedoms of America.  In fact, they taste like nothing at all.  

9:20pm - Bought Graeter's black-raspberry chip ice cream.  I was the only one who appreciated it's scrumptious creamy and chocolate chunk flavor.  N and T had football practice in the morning so they abandoned the adventure.

9:40pm - Experienced infinity.  He drove us into nowhere land and he directed us at 55mph as we breathlessly flew between the corn fields that surrounded us.  One by one A, R, and myself stood up on the back of his truck, arms outstretched, Indie music blasting from the radio, in an effort to feel infinite.  

  10:00pm - Decorated a stop sign.  A little deeper into nowhere land, we came across the perfect stop sign for the task that was at hand.  The road was busy with traffic throughout the day and almost deserted throughout the night.  I pulled out my black paint and paintbrush and climbed onto R's shoulders.  Slowly, I painted on letter by letter.  Of course, it's only appropriate that during the process, a car would appear in the distance.  R and myself dove into the back of his truck (OUCH!) and A ran for the cornfield nearby.  It took us a good five + minutes until we could return to the sign, find A, and finish our masterpiece.  I regret nothing.

11:00pm - He shared his tiny list.

His List

Cover the town in side walk chalk in like random places just write stuff

Cone an ice cream cone at McDonald's

Cinnamon challenge??

And this is random but have any strange fears?

"Marriage and free falling."

Hmm well I don't think we can do either of those tonite!

11:30pm - Chalked up some driveways.

1:00am - Lie awake in bed listening to the rainstorm wash away everything.  He told me the next morning that he did the same thing. 

Dream big, Darlings