Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Summer Night of August 15th

           (this post is a continuation of this post.)

     If you've made it this far, officer of the law, I expect that you've accepted my explanation for the activities that have taken place before.  If you've felt captured enough to continue on to read this post, I am going to ask you once again to simply read this post with an open mind and remember that you were once a dumb teenager yourself many years ago.  You, therefore, cannot judge the words that are about to follow these.  
     So here, my friends, is part two...

7:30pm - Convince Mom to let me drive the big truck out.  There's nothing I love more than to see men turn their heads at its size and sound.  They always double take when they see me in the driver's seat.  I feel like a woman of power.

7:35pm - Pick him up and cruise out of town.  I tell him I am going to take advantage of the fact that I have the steering wheel of a big truck in my hands that is for once under my control.  He laughs and says, "Alright!"

7:45pm - Pull into an empty church parking lot and let him take the wheel.  He looks like a kid on Christmas morning and this time, I am the one laughing.

8:00pm - T drives his "creeper van" through the McDonald's drive-thru to cone* one.  He chickens out and fails the mission.  Rules #1, #3, #4, and #5 are broken.
                 *Coning - The action of one ordering an ice cream cone through a fast-food drive-thru.  When receiving the cone, one then grabs the actual ice cream rather than the cone.  One then floors the gas peddle and drives away leaving ice cream all over their hand and a very confused employee standing inside the pick-up window.  

8:30pm - R, A, myself, and The Boy attempt the cinnamon challenge.  We make the mistake of picking up cinnamon from his house resulting in very frantic parents and a distressed little sister on his part.  By the time we arrive at my house to do the challenge, he has texts and phone calls from his family explaining the risks we are taking on our lives by doing this challenge.  Of course, we're stupid and do it anyways.  We survive though and not one of us chokes or gags on the burning cinnamon.  We are actually very disappointed in the lack of excitement it gives us.

9:00pm - He wants to feel infinite so I let my non-licensed and non-permitted little brother drive the truck down some back roads.  J pushes the peddle down farther and farther and the speedometer climbs higher and higher.  The Boy stands up on the back of the truck and shouts into the air.  Every part of me wants to clamber up and grab his hand so we can feel infinite together.  I don't though because there are four other people watching and an infinite moment between two people deserves privacy.  Instead, I watch until he eventually sits down because J has reached 95mph.  I think we all have death wishes.

9:20pm - He throws my favorite cheap flip flop on the roof of the YMCA.  I slap him, laugh, and throw my other one.  I still miss those shoes.

9:40pm - Sit around for about an hour watching the gang bicker and chicken out of the upcoming task, steal a street sign.

10:30pm - We take off, leaving two boys behind, and drive for twenty minutes until we find the only sign that is up for the task.  You see, this sign is special because it's the largest road sign I have ever seen with the large bold letters, "FINK".  What is "fink"?  Who is "fink"?  I am convinced that John Green could write a flawless novel on what or who "fink" is.

11:00pm - "Fink" is tall.  Like really tall.  Like so tall that I have to stand on my 6'2" brother's shoulders in order to reach the actual sign.  The Boy hands me the tools and as fast as I can, I unscrew the bolts, slide the sign off its post, hand the sign to him, and climb off J's shoulders.  Then suddenly, "CAR!"  We run to R's car but I'm the last one to make it there and by that time, the car's doors have automatically locked.  For half a second, I make eye contact with him through the window and I can see the panic in his eyes.  It's the same panic that's in my eyes.  The car's coming closer so I do the second thing on my mind, run.  I run into the nearest field and literally dive beneath the bean plants.  I lay down staring at the stars and listen as they drive away and the upcoming car stops...and then moves on.  Phew.

11:30pm - We come back to town feeling victorious.

12:00am - C, The Boy, and I chalk up the road.  We trace our body shapes over the pavement.

12:30am - He drives my truck to his house and we jump out, leaving grumpy J in the passenger seat.  We take off through his back yard and across the road with chalk in our hands.  One last driveway that looks a little too chalkless.  We stare at it in the dark for a second and then start labeling everything.  "Car" *pointing arrow*.  "Sidewalk" *pointing arrow*.  "Hula hoop" *pointing arrow*.  We acknowledge our work and run back to the truck.  I feel the urge again to kiss him on the cheek goodbye, but there's my little brother in the passenger seat.  As we wave goodbye to each other, we make eye contact that for a moment stops time.  I can feel the gravitational pull between us.  I can see it in his eyes that he also doesn't feel like a simple goodbye is enough, but we smile and he goes one way and I go the other.

1:00am - I lay in bed thinking what a crazy world we live in.

Dream big, Darlings!


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