Friday, July 24, 2015

Thoughts and Tips on Journaling

My thoughts...

     To me, words have been an addiction.  Of course, it wasn't always that way.  At the start, they were annoying and difficult, but then they grew into a form of art and that art became my drug.  Today, words are my future.  I'm writing a book, I'm the author of this blog, and I'm a daily journal-er.  
     I think of journaling as a form of expression.  It can be a hate book, an adventure book, a book of joyful thoughts, or all of the above.  For little me, it was once nothing but a goal that I, year after year, failed to accomplish.  It was a consecutive item on my new year's resolutions.  But no worries, I finally decided to stop disappointing myself and today, I have a thick red notebook that sits under my pillow with entrees from today to January 1st.  Every thought and idea from every single day is written on those pages and here's how I did it...

My tips...

Number one:  It's easy to get one entree down on paper but it's even easier to stop completely and give up. Don't do this! Keep going and eventually, it'll turn into a habit.

Number two:  Like everything, your writing needs a motivator.  I like to think that maybe my journal will get buried at the bottom of a chest in an old attack and a stranger will find it.  Or maybe my great-great-grandchildren will stumble upon it.  Could you imagine finding your ancestor's journal full of her life and experiences!?  I know it's cheesy but this is my motivator.

Number three:  Discover your writing style!  You can write about your day, your frequent thoughts, music, experiences, adventures, anything!  I think of my journal as a ghost in my room who I tell everything to.  I'm at the point where if something exciting happens when I'm out and about, I look forward to coming home and writing it down more than coming home to sleep! 

Number four:  Several times a year, you're going to stumble across writer's block.  You're going to not feel like writing nor have anything to write about.  But you MUST write no matter what!  Write about your frustration with writer's block to push through writer's block.

Number five:  If you're on vacation or sleeping over at a friends house and you can't find the time to write, do it the next morning or when you find the time throughout the day.  I've had to do this multiple times!  It's not a big deal just try not to fall behind.

   What I'm trying to say is that you're NEVER going to regret what you wrote but what you didn't write.  Everything you experience is worth writing about.  Not only will writing help you get things off of your chest, but it will also improve your writing in general.

     I hope these few tips will help you!  If you have any further questions, comment below!

Dream big, Darlings!

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