Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I'm seventeen.

Seventeen.  Holy crap.

     As a child, I thought of seventeen year old girls as wise beautiful rebellious models.  Seventeen to me always showed itself as a wild age, they're no longer new to the world as a sixteen year old is but they're not mature enough to be in adulthood.  I'm seventeen.  I'm seventeen! Holy crap, I'm seventeen!  It all seems ridiculous since here I am now, as immature as ever! I'm still flat chested and have still never laid my lips on the opposite sex.  I still stutter occasionally with my words.  I dream more than I do.  I am 99% sure I am nowhere close to nearing the responsibilities of adulthood.

     But here I am, seventeen year old Sarah.  I'm going to expand my dreams and desires from the world.  Maybe pierce something.  Hopefully hit the period when puberty works its magic and I suddenly look like a goddess.  Will possibly but not likely meet my soul mate.  Perhaps I'll do something amazing and the world will know my name...finally.  Yeah, I'm banking on this all happening.  *laughs at self*

Dream big, Darlings!

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