Monday, July 20, 2015

Clothing Haul

     What does a girl love more than shopping!?  (For me it's books but that's besides the point.)  We love it because it's the easiest way to express ourselves, to feel fabulous, and to have a productive afternoon with friends.  Unfortunately, I went with my mom but it was all the more fun!

 Maroon Skirt:                                         Printed Skirt:
Store:  Forever 21                                    Store:  Forever 21
          Price:  $10.99                                          Price:  On sale for $8.99

 Striped Dress:                                         Red Dress:
          Store:  Forever 21                                    Store:  Forever 21
    Price:  $9.99                                             Price:  $14.99

Printed Dress:                                        Two Striped Shirts:
Store:  H & M                                          Store:  H & M
                                Price: $9.99                                              Price: 2 for $10

     Store:  Peebles
    Price:  $29.99

(Not shown)
Strapless Bra:
Store:  Victoria's Secret
Price:  $40.00
(Expensive but amazing and worth it)

Dream big, Darlings!


  1. Sounds like a good time!! LOVE LOVE LOVVVEE the striped shirts

  2. Uhm hi yeah, I have a major crush on your blog.