Monday, June 29, 2015

My Summer Playlist of '15

       As a typical teenager may do, I sat down this afternoon and lived and breathed one of my favorite things, music.  
      It is not an easy task for one to create a compilation of songs to perfectly define and inspire one's summer.  One must listen to the radio, their iPod, and their favorite web player in order to find the "chosen" song for the inspirational task these songs must play.  One hour later, a masterpiece is born and will, more than likely, be overplayed.

Dream big, Darlings!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

I joined the smart phone club!

    Date of completion:  6/18/15

(Before beginning, I will keep this post nice and short to avoid unintentionally torturing the "dumb-phone" owners)

      So many moments of repetitious thoughts wondering what it'd be like to be an iPhone owner. 

 "What would it be like to take out my phone and take a picture of such quality?!  What would it feel like to be so connected to the online world?"  Bliss, baby, bliss.

*many immature girly squeal*

     Three jobs, an annoyed mom, and a satisfied Sarah later, I have finally left the "dump-phone" family and have taken a leap in life!  Sure it's just a phone but if only I could explain how many things in life I did not do because I did not have a good phone to document it.  My virtual life will now increase drastically with pictures.  You have been warned!

Dream big, Darlings!