Sunday, April 19, 2015

New York City || Part Two

     It has been thirteen days since I've felt the pavement of New York City beneath my feet and it still lingers in full detail in my mind.  Am I glad to be home?  Not at all.  New York was a breathe of fresh air.  (Metaphorically, of course!  It actually was like breathing in pure pollution.)  It was this new lifestyle that I've never experienced before and let me tell you, it was... everything I've ever dreamed of...


Day One  
Transport:  the ferry and a subway.
Places visited:  Central Park, the Metropolitan,  and the 9/11 Memorial.
Food eaten:  Shrimp salad (restaurant along the water),  chicken wrap (New Jersey Diner),  and chocolate (Aunt Sheri's car).

Day Two
Transport:  the train and the subway.
Places visited:  Grand Central Terminal , Times Square, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Rockefeller Center, and Madison Square Garden.
Food eaten:  Mahi Mahi (Irish Pub), Sushi (Aunt Gloria's in New Jersey).

Day Three
Transport:  the train and the subway.
Places visited: Broadway, Times Square, American Girl Store, and several clothes stores.
Food eaten:  Large salad (Hard Rock Cafe) and lemon chicken with spinach (Carmines).

  We saw Les Miserables on Broadway and it. was. flawless...!!!
 WE GOT A PICTURE WITH CHRIS MCCARRELL.  *faints from his godly grin*
*faints again*
p.s.  Chris McCarrell is Marius in the Broadway play Les Miserables! His musical voice is...amazing? Angelic? Beautiful? All of the above.  A voice I'd love to have sing me to sleep every night...yes, that'd be dreamyyyy...

Day Four
We made our way back to Ohio.  :( 

But we visited Hershey, Pennsylvania so we ate away our sadness with chocolate.  Lots of chocolate.


     New York stole a part of me.  At home, my Mom and brother asked if I was glad to be home.  I told them no.  And my answer's still no.  I only wish I had the words to tell you about the contagious excitement the city had.  It was like a dream, my friends!  A flawless dream that I never wanted to wake up from!  But the city gave me confidence and I brought it home with me so I treasure that confidence in my heart and relive NYC every single damn day.  Dream big, Darlings!



  1. Wow. What a place. I am hopefully going there this summer and it was great to see where you went so I can make a list of places I'd like to visit in NY.
    I know what you mean, traveling and coming home to life. I'm a person who feels comfortable anywhere and I can make myself at home. And traveling gives you such a taste of something I long for; people, history, a story in every corner.
    My dream is to go to New York school of interior design in Manhattan and I really hope I can go someday. New York, I've always heard is THE PLACE TO GO. And if my dreams are leading me there, why not?
    But coming home from a place like this is hard. When I got back from Germany, I left some of myself there. But its where I found myself, for sure. (Corresponding to your latest post after this one): I was going through a rough time and I dont know if it was being at Schoenstatt there or just being in a different country and experiencing that culture, but I found myself in a new way. I discovered what I wanted. Now I have dreams of solo traveling or with friends, because once you go somewhere new and far away, it really catches you. But at the same time you feel this freedom. And you crave more and more. You want to see it again, all the buildings and faces and streets and cars. How everything here seems the same, everything there seemed full of life and always changing. Travel is a wonderful thing and I know if I ever have a great chance again, I will take it.

    1. Lizzie, this was beautiful and could not of been more perfectly worded. Your dream sounds perfect and I hope more than anything it comes true! To live in NYC would be AMAZING and I would definitely come visit you. I also never knew until now how much we have in common. We have the same traveling dreams and that makes me very happy!

  2. I need to shop in your closet. Like, seriously.

    I'm so happy to hear that you loved NYC! Looks like you had a great time- ugh, the pictures are perfect! What camera did you use?

    With love,

    1. You know how to make my day! Thank you, Darling!

      All the pictures were actually taken on my cousin's iPhone 6! The camera on there is insane!