Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Meaning of Travel


Have you ever read anything so perfect?  Neither have I.

Dream big, Darlings!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Painted Music

     Also known as painted CD's hanging from a pole but Painted Music sounds cooler.  There is nothing I love more (well, besides books) than a tedious art project.  I can lock myself in my room for hours and come out with paint splattered all over myself.  It's utter bliss!  
     Painted Music is a project I took on back in September.  It was inspired by my cousin, Kayla.  She's somewhat of an artist genius if you ask me!  I, of course, asked if I could "copy" her idea and she, of course, said absolutely.  Here I am, months later, with a satisfied and exhausted mind to show you, my friends, how to make Painted Music.

Items needed:

  • CD's  (I used old unlistened ones from my family's CD rack but you can also buy blank ones.)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Mod Podge
  • Fishing wire or thread
  • A stick or pole of desired length
  • A hot glue gun
  • A scissors
  • Lots of free time (Just kidding...no really.)

Step One:  Prepare how you want your layout to look and how many CD's you want.
Step Two:  Paint the CD's.  Go crazy with colors!
Step Three:  Apply Mod Podge over finished CD to prevent chipping. (Make sure the painted CD is dry before using the Mod Podge!!!)
Step Four:  Paint the stick or rod.  You can use one base color or paint a pattern. 
Step Five:  Once all the CD's are painted and Mod Pogde-ed and the rod is painted and dry,  hot glue the fishing wire or thread to the back of the CD's.  Be sure to glue them down the center to make them hang nicer.  You can make as many or as few rows of hanging CD's as you'd like.
Step Six:  Tie the end of the fish wire or thread to the rod.  
Step Seven:  Hang your finished piece on your desired wall, pat yourself on the back, and acknowledge your work!

     P.S.  How's the weather where ever you're at?  It's still rainy and 50 degrees in Ohio and it's inspiring me to do nothing but sleep.  Summer, where are you!?  In the meantime, dream big, Darlings!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

New York City || Part Two

     It has been thirteen days since I've felt the pavement of New York City beneath my feet and it still lingers in full detail in my mind.  Am I glad to be home?  Not at all.  New York was a breathe of fresh air.  (Metaphorically, of course!  It actually was like breathing in pure pollution.)  It was this new lifestyle that I've never experienced before and let me tell you, it was... everything I've ever dreamed of...


Day One  
Transport:  the ferry and a subway.
Places visited:  Central Park, the Metropolitan,  and the 9/11 Memorial.
Food eaten:  Shrimp salad (restaurant along the water),  chicken wrap (New Jersey Diner),  and chocolate (Aunt Sheri's car).

Day Two
Transport:  the train and the subway.
Places visited:  Grand Central Terminal , Times Square, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Rockefeller Center, and Madison Square Garden.
Food eaten:  Mahi Mahi (Irish Pub), Sushi (Aunt Gloria's in New Jersey).

Day Three
Transport:  the train and the subway.
Places visited: Broadway, Times Square, American Girl Store, and several clothes stores.
Food eaten:  Large salad (Hard Rock Cafe) and lemon chicken with spinach (Carmines).

  We saw Les Miserables on Broadway and it. was. flawless...!!!
 WE GOT A PICTURE WITH CHRIS MCCARRELL.  *faints from his godly grin*
*faints again*
p.s.  Chris McCarrell is Marius in the Broadway play Les Miserables! His musical voice is...amazing? Angelic? Beautiful? All of the above.  A voice I'd love to have sing me to sleep every night...yes, that'd be dreamyyyy...

Day Four
We made our way back to Ohio.  :( 

But we visited Hershey, Pennsylvania so we ate away our sadness with chocolate.  Lots of chocolate.


     New York stole a part of me.  At home, my Mom and brother asked if I was glad to be home.  I told them no.  And my answer's still no.  I only wish I had the words to tell you about the contagious excitement the city had.  It was like a dream, my friends!  A flawless dream that I never wanted to wake up from!  But the city gave me confidence and I brought it home with me so I treasure that confidence in my heart and relive NYC every single damn day.  Dream big, Darlings!


Sunday, April 5, 2015

New York City || Part One

    Four states, eight hours.  

     I'm currently in a sketchy hotel in Pennsylvania.  Don't get wrong it looks nice but there's a grave yard behind it...but it has wifi so all is good!  Now usually (with being home schooled) Mom does not give me a spring break but this year she made an exception.  This afternoon, with a car packed with suitcases and chocolate, my Aunt Sheri, Aunt Amy, cousin Kayla, cousin Hannah, and I set out from Columbus, Ohio and began our long journey to the one and only, New York City!  My excitement can hardly be contained!  

I will keep you posted and be prepared for pictures!