Sunday, March 1, 2015

My First Concert || Nickelback and The Pretty Reckless

     You know that band, Nickelback? The one that many people dislike for no particular reason but still has a dedicated fan base who actually do love them for their music?  Well, I'm a part of that fan base and on February 25th, I watched them live in concert!
     I left early that Wednesday morning with my grandma and grandpa and drove three hours south to Louisville, Kentucky.  Our main destination was a small city near Louisville called Goshen where I have relatives.  Once in Goshen and after my cousin, Kayla, came home from school, we dressed ourselves in leather and plaid and went to the concert.

     After we found and situated ourselves in our seats, we were quick to realize that over 3/4's of the crowd consisted of people of college and older.  A little awkward considering most of them were on their way to getting drunk before the night ended, but once the concert began, all was forgotten.

     You may not be familiar with the band The Pretty Reckless but they were the opening act for Nickelback and, boy, did they rock!  The lead singer is a very bold girl named Taylor Momsen.  She also was the actress for the character, Jenny Humphrey, in the hit TV series, Gossip Girl.  Yes, this fact made the concert all the more awesome. 

     Nickelback was unbelievable.  With two older brothers, as a kid I grew up with Nickelback and was overjoyed when most of the songs they sang that night were from their older albums.  The whole crowd was singing along, head-bobbing, and fist-pumping.  It was an exhilarating night! 

P.S.  I have the feeling that as this as my first attended concert, there are going to be much more to come.