Monday, February 23, 2015


     If you haven't noticed already, things have been looking different around here.  The name, the design, the amount of posts.  It's all different.  You see, I'm a person of change.  My brain goes crazy if I have something the same for too long.  It's a big part of why I have dedication issues.  I get tired of it and I change it, which is why there is a new title.
     For weeks I have been jumbling words and phrases back and forth in my head.  I wanted something clever, something unique.  Of course, easier said than done.  I prayed about it, talked to my friends about it, and even studied a dictionary but nothing came.  Sometimes I thought I finally found the one but a few hours later, I'd come back and say, "Nope, it's still not it."  It was, honestly, stressing me out.  I wanted to post but I didn't want to draw too much attention toward my blog until it was complete.  I needed a name, I needed a title.  Finally, today after weeks of racking my brain, I thought to myself,  "Sarah."  It's only one word, a word I always disliked as a name but in that one word, it contains everything.  Everything about myself, everything that makes me me.  I don't need some quirky creative title because I know that a year down the road, I'll move on from it.  Sarah, however, will always be me and even if I change as a person, my name will still be Sarah and that's why from today forward, this blog is now Sarah.  The blog itself is nowhere close to being done.  It still has it's flaws that I am trying to perfect, but it will always be Sarah.
     I have discovered over the last months that designing a blog on your own, is (excuse the language) a complete bitch.  I had nights where I wanted to yank my hair out!  The codes, the planning, the tiny details were overwhelming!  I have the picture of what I want my blog to one day look like in my head but it's not quite there yet.  It's going to take awhile but I am looking forward to the experience.  This blog has truly been an adventure for me.  Phew.

P.S.  I have missed you guys!


  1. I understand! So true! What a great idea:-) pretty deep! Haha! Keep it up xx

  2. I loved reading this. YOU show a lot of introspection in your writing - the hallmark of a great writer in the making :)

    1. I wish you knew how much seeing this comment means to me. You just made my day and perhaps my whole week. THANK YOU!