Thursday, January 1, 2015

That's A Wrap || Here's To A New Beginning

      Here I am, back at my annual "Happy New Year!" post where I recap all the fun things I have achieved...

      Except this time I am not going to do that.  Don't get me wrong, I had a blast! But yesterday while I was watching the ball drop in Time's Square (on TV), excitement was exploding within me. I was more than ready to take on 2015 and leave 2014.  That's what I'm doing now...leaving it in the past.

So that's a wrap! Cheers to 2014 and here's to a new beginning:

     This year, I plan on making it an epic adventure of pure happiness and conquered resolutions.  I want to look back at the end of 2015 and say "Yes, Sarah, you did it!" This however, NEVER happens.  In desperate need of change to change this flaw, I'm taking a new take on my resolutions.


My Goals for 2k15

1.  Schedule my time.  I'm a procrastinator in everything which does not help anything.  Less being dormant in my room and more crafting, reading, writing, blogging, exercising, and social time.  

2.  Live and thrive in the moment.  Don't think about yesterday. Don't think about tomorrow. Think about today. Think about right now! My mom constantly reminds me to live in the moment and it's harder than it sounds.

3.  Be confident at all costs.  Confidence has always been something I've struggled with.  My little weakness in life that bloody devil.  I will stand up straight, shoulders back, chin up, and dominate the world.  Just kidding, that's a little extreme.

4.  Eat healthier.  No, junk food, no gluten.  I've actually been doing very well with this for the last two years.  I've been on a gluten-free diet for health issues.  Maybe I'll write about it sometime?

5.  Exercise daily.  Jump roping, push-ups, sit-ups, squats, etc.  BUT if I'm busy and don't have time, I at least have to do one push-up or something.  I don't want to challenge myself too much and end up quitting.  I've gotten into the routine once but then quit.  I felt so good about myself within that month and I miss it!

6.  Drink lots of water.  Because when was water not healthy or good for your body?

7.  BE MORE SOCIAL.  I think this is the biggest thing on my list.  I've gotten into the routine of staying at home every weekend.  It just takes too much time to look presentableeee! I need to constantly remind myself that I won't look back and remember the nights when I got a lot of sleep. Go, Sarah! Go be a social butterfly!

8.  Do crazy things and write about my experience.  My longing to go on adventures has only increased in the last year.  I'll see more places and learn new things this year! How exciting! 

9.  "Start over" with my blog.  New title, new design type of thing.  I love the title I have now, but I'm just not feeling it anymore.

10.  Write a blog post everyday.  Unless I have a great excuse!  I've been wanting to blog more for years.  I'm making it happen this year!

11.  Write in a journal/diary everyday.  Once again, something I've always wanted to do but could never finish.  Writing will make me a better writer and a better writer makes a happier me!  Also, I think I've just been watching too much of The Vampire Diaries. I love their journaling ways.

12.  Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years.  I've had this on my bucket list for a few years.  I'm getting to that point where I really want to do it and cross it off the list.

13.  Leave a note in a library book.  I am so excited to do this.  I'll get a book from my library, I'll read it, I'll love it, and then I'll write a sweet little note to (gently) tape inside.

14.  Organize my story (book).  I have had the same story in the my head for three years and it just keeps on growing.  My mind is going to explode pretty soon if I'm don't write down EVERY idea and outline EVERYTHING.

15.  Make a dream catcher.  I want to expand my artsy skills this year.  What better thing to do than make my own dream catcher to hang over my bed?

16.  Spend a day devoted to reading.  The entire day from sun up, to sun down.  Should be interesting.

17.  Read The Lord of the Rings series.  I don't have the words to explain how dissapointed  I am in myself for not reading The Lord of the Rings yet.  I've been watching the movies since before middle school, my family is obsessed with it, I AM obsessed with it, and yet I still haven't read the complete series!

18.  Start a YouTube channel.  Hmmm...how long have I been wanting to do thing?  Lost track.  Shame, shame, shame.

19.  Watch a sunrise.  It's going to be beautiful but I am dreading to wake up that early. 

20. Paint the sunrise.  Because why not?

21.  Watch the sunset.  It'll be even more beautiful because I won't have to wake up early.

22.  Paint the sunset.  Once again, why not?

23.  Make a perfect cupcake.  I hate doing anything that involves being in the kitchen but at least I get to eat it afterwards!  

24.  Build a snowman with my best friend.  Might as well have something to do that's fun to do in that nasty cold puffy white stuff.

26.  Finish my Wreck This Journal.  It's going to give me anxiety but I believe in myself to get through it.

27.  Do my own version of Van Gogh's Starry Night.  A healthy challenge I imagine. 

28.   Knit something.  Nothing better than a warm hat to get you through the miserable cold!

29.  Learn how to play chess.  Chess.  I've always questioned it.

30.  Create my Harry Potter wand.  Guys.  Girls.  Everybody.  I read Harry Potter this past year.  My life is changed.

31.  Paint a painting I'm impressed with on a canvas.  I have an idea I want to paint SO bad.

32.  Learn graffiti.  Am I the only one who sees the beauty in it?

33.  Learn to play the guitar.  The poor guitar in the corner of my bedroom deserves to be played.

34.  Rock red lipstick for a day (or more).  Taylor Swift has inspired me to give it a shot!  I bought a tube this summer but I still had braces so I looked like I was a wanna-be-grownup five year old.

35.  Buy a floppy hat.  I am aware how random this is but I want one so bad, girls!

36.  Tye dye.  If you haven't tye-dyed, you haven't lived.

37.  Get a tan tatoo.  I'll have to wait until spring for this one.  So. Far. Away.

38.  Stargaze for hours.  If only I could do it while holding Calum Hood's hand.

39.  Ride horses ALL DAY.  My best friend has horses and how cool would it be to wake up early in the morning, pack a lunch, and ride for miles?

40.  Get a pet fish again.  I miss those lively creatures swimming in circles on my bedroom dresser.

41.  Continue to add to my New Year Resolution throughout the year.  I don't have to think of everything in one day.  I'll add to it as I go.


What do you want to accomplish this year?

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