Thursday, October 16, 2014

Homecoming Confessions

     What is the truth about high school homecoming?  Is it as overrated as everyone says? The answer is a thick and solid YES!  Now don't get me wrong, I had a blast! It was quite magical actually...but the thought of it was much more enjoyable.  You might be asking how I know this?  Well, this year I took the advantage of going and I wanted to see if the rumors were true myself.  They were.  Now stay with me hear as I tell this so called "fairytale".

     The day begins with the busy rushing of hair being curled and faces turned into canvases for another artist.  The stress begins kicking in an hour before you're due to be at your friend's house for pictures when you realize you're not in your dress or heels yet (not counting the outfit you have yet to put together for the after-homecoming party).  A half an hour later, you find yourself being dragged in front of a bush/tree to take those awkward "model-status" pictures for your mom and grandma.  Finally, you make your way to your friend's house only to realize that driving in 3 inch heels is a major struggle.  Don't worry, you make it to your friend's house alive. If you're like me, your friends will all have dates...except you.  Ya, I was forced to take pictures with the guy who my friends wanted me to go as date with for the last two months.  His mom was also there taking pictures and made us feel even more awkward with her comments.  Eleventh wheeling like bosses?  That's exactly what we did.  We just sorta went with it.


     After pictures, the class dinner is attended.  I arrived to realize they had lasagna as the main course.  Yummy, right?  Yeah, not when you're allergic to tomatoes.  So I starved.  Then FINALLY the dance!!!...I'm gonna switch to first person here...I walk into the high school gym only to realize I have no idea where my friends are and it's so dark, I can't see my hand in front of me.  I found them eventually.  I also came to realization that my town really is tiny.  Our only high school had enough students to cover maybe a 1/4 of the basketball court?  Now we come to the point where the dancing comes in.  I've heard dozens of times that it mostly is people grinding on each other like a bunch of nasties.  Partial lie?  I think so.  Now you're probably saying, "Sarah, that doesn't sound that bad!"  You're wrong!  The answer is: FRESHMEN!  I finally know why high schoolers hate them so much (no offence if you're a freshman!).  While everybody was having a great time in a giant mosh pit dancing to Anaconda, the freshmen boys thought it would be "funny" if they'd charge at the giant scramble of people and knock everybody off balance.  This went on ALL night!  I was bruised, sweating, getting my hair stuck in people armpitts and between shoulders (I went to homecoming with around fifteen bobbypins and came back with four. FOUR!), and I nearly almost lost my shoe!  It. Was. So. Frustrating.  Also, because of these immature stupid-heads, half of the students left before it ended because it got so annoying.  Fun fun! 

     Now I'm not telling you to not go if you have the chance.  I did have a blast!  It was overrated but it was still fun!  I'm already planning on going next year, actually (giving it a second chance).  Go ladies!  Just go!  You may not enjoy it but at least you can cross it off your Bucket List and tell stories about it to your children and grandchildren when you're old!  You won't regret it completely, I promise!


Dress:  Macy's - Sales rack for $14
Jacket I only wore for five minutes:  Kohls - I have no idea
Shoes:  Morning Glory - $12
Earrings:  Claire's - $8?


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