Friday, August 1, 2014

Two Weeks of Being Mom-less

     It turns out I've decided to stay home tonight and not be social.  Mostly because my ride to the party became suddenly busy... and I'm too lazy to go get my own driver's license.  But who needs people when you've got books and wifi, right?

     Back on the 16th of June, my mom left for a two week vacation with some of her lady-friends to go to Germany, Rome, and Switzerland.  Trust me, you appreciate your mother a lot more once you have to be "mom" for two weeks.  Even though I only had to take care of my dad and little brother (who's 14), my everyday routine consisted of laundry, meals, dishes, cleaning, and I barely had any alone time for myself.  However, my genius father created the idea of taking our own little vacation to New York (to be exact, Niagara Falls) over the first week of not having mom around.  So on that first Tuesday morning, we left Ohio and made our way to New York.

(Pictures are not high quality because my mother took the big nice camera so we were left with my little brother's iPod.)

We stopped by Lake Erie along the way.
We also saw the largest covered bridge in the US.
      After some sight seeing in northern Ohio, we continued to our destination.

At night vs. the day
      Niagara Falls was beautiful but if you ever have the chance to go, I suggest getting a passport and viewing it from the Canadian side.  From the American side, you can only see the Falls from weird angles.  It was still amazing though! 
     After staying a night in New York, we went back to hike through the state park of Pennsylvania. 

Not the most flattering picture but Dad and I decided to show off our acting "skills".
     By the time we arrived back to Ohio, it was Thursday evening.  I was absolutely exhausted.  The next morning, I had to wake up very early to babysit three little crazy boys.  By the end of Friday, I was a walking zombie.  It didn't get any better because on Saturday morning I had to, once again, have my bags packed and ready to drive 3 hours to Indiana for my cousin's graduation party and last dance recital.  It just so happened to be a blast!

     My cousins and I stayed in tents and campers in our aunt's backyard on Saturday night.  My cousin Kayla (the one in the blue skirt above) and I made the mistake of sharing a bed in one of the campers.  We were up till 5am fangirling about everything: books, movies, TV shows, One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, etc. We somehow woke up 3 hours later and continued on with our day without being somewhat drowsy. The weekend was a lot of fun!

    Our 2nd week without mom was boring and busy with chores and such.  On the coming weekend though, I saw all of my cousins again at the Country Fest.  The Country Fest is a huge picnic that's a huge deal where I live.  People actually call it God's Picnic because it's so much fun!  Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures from the fest.   

     My next post will be up soon! 


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