Saturday, August 2, 2014

Reunited in Kentucky

     From my post before, I mentioned that my cousin's came out to go to the Country Fest.  What I didn't mention is that I went back with my cousin, Kayla, to her house in Kentucky to have a week of fun!  Don't forget that this also means me not being able to see my mom for another whole week.

     The 3rd week of craziness in June began with a much needed reunion with one of my best friends, Anna.  Kayla and I met Anna around five year's ago at a camp in Wisconsin.  The first year of camp, I was actually kind of scared of her.  She looked like this strong intimidating teenager (I was only 11) and I avoided her as much as possible through the entire camp.  However, the very next year when Kayla and I went back to camp, we ended up being roomed together with Anna.  After one conversation, I knew Anna and I were going to be great friends and I found out that she wasn't that "frightening" of a person that I thought she was the year before.  She was a girl who was actually younger than me and just had a strong-willed personality with a fun, crazy side.  By the time our 2nd year of camp ended, we've already exchanged emails and phone numbers.  We stayed in contact with each other and once again, the very next year at camp, we were roommates and our friendship only became stronger.  Just this last year, we somehow, miraculously, both went to Catholic Family Land in Ohio at the same time without planning it, as well.  So this year, Kayla, Anna, and I did not want to break the routine of seeing each other once every year.  Kayla and Anna created a plan of having Anna fly up from her home state, Georgia, and land in Kentucky where we'd all be reunited again!

     Through this week together in late June, we tried to have as much fun as possible.  We swam a lot.  We even had the chance to go night swimming with glow sticks!  We watched scary movies, went shopping, bought candy at a candy store, ate frozen yogurt, went to the Walking Bridge in Louisville, played tennis, and watched fireworks over the 4th of July.

Don't worry, we're not naked.
The Walking Bridge
Fourth of July
     I'm still trying to get in the habit of taking pictures of everything but that's not going to happen until I get a new phone or iPod.  Anyways, we had a blast and were very sad to say goodbye.  We have actually already began our plans of being together again next year.  Oh, and, proudly, Kayla and I have accomplished our goal of persuading Anna to join the "dark side": loving One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer.  Success!

P.S.  If you need proof that she's now a Directioner...I received a Snapchat the next week from Anna...


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