Thursday, August 28, 2014


It's so loud inside my head with words I should of said.


The song I go to for inspiration 


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Overdosive Fangirling


     First, I'd like to point out to everybody this flawless music video that shatters my heart every time I watch it. 

Heartbreaking, right?


Second,  I'd like to show everybody my most valuable possession of the moment .


And third, I'd like to announce something that my heart constantly aches over...

     As you may (or may not) know, twenty five days ago, 5 Seconds of Summer announced that next year they are going on a US and Canadian Tour!!!  My cousin, Kayla, and I (after having a deathly fangirl attack) made a promise to ourselves and each other that we were going to go to one of the concerts featured in the Tour.  I also just so happened to be signed up for 5SOS's newsletter so I had the opportunity to buy the tickets to the show Kayla and I were planning on going to.  I took advantage of this opportunity...which only means one thing...



Ya, I bought these two weeks ago and it still hasn't sunk in yet that I'm actually going...meaning that they're actually real!  Not sinking in. Nope. 


And saving the best for last...

       Seven days ago, my dear friend, Abby, went to the One Direction concert in Detroit, Michigan.  (You could only imagine how jealous I was of her.)  While she was sitting ONLY A FEW ROWS AWAY FROM THE STAGE that night (yes, she also had amazing tickets), I was glumly sitting on a couch babysitting.  To be precise, the kids were asleep and I was watching Devil Wears Prada.  However, suddenly my phone started ringing.  To my shock, Abby was calling me! FROM THE CONCERT! I answered my phone so fast and the only thing I heard through the speaker was a million screams from wild fangirls and behind that, the sweet sound of utter perfection.  The flawless voices of five boys singing Diana.  Yes, ladies, I heard our boys' angelic voices sing from miles away through a phone call...
 That phone call changed my life. 

My poor heart and mind has still not processed what I have heard on that Saturday night for it was so beautiful.

My dear friend, Abby, who has only known me for a few months and will be leaving for college in less than a year, thought of me among'st the adrenaline rushes of an amazing concert.  It made me realize how beyond amazing friends are.

As I sat staring, smiling, and laughing as tears of joy prickled at the corner of my eyes, I was able to hear the perfect voices sing out What Makes You Beautiful and Teenage Dirtbag before Abby's and My phone were disconnected to leave me sitting alone...and smiling and laughing at a wall.

Life is Good. 


Friday, August 15, 2014

Go Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Bucket List #?:  Go Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Accomplished this baby this summer 



Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Liebster Award

     I was tagged in the Liebster Award by my new friend, Emily Sage! Thank you, Emily!

General Rules and Guidelines

+ Thank the blogger who nominated you, and link back to their blog.
+ Provide 11 random facts about yourself.
+ Answer the 11 questions they have given you.
+ Write 11 new questions for your nominees.
+ Nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers to answer the questions (excluding the one who nominated you).
+ You must notify your nominees of their nomination.

Eleven Fact's About Myself:

1. I am in my first season of playing high school golf.  I actually just made varsity!

2.  I just finished reading City of Heavenly Fire and am not sure how to continue on with my life right now.  

3.  On Saturday, I am going to a Chase Rice, Sam Hunt, and Clark Manson concert!

4.  My wall is covered in One Direction posters.

5.  My dream job is to be a partner in Youtube.

6.  I have yet to create my Youtube channel.

7.  My laptop's name is Jace from TMI.

8.  I want to play the guitar so bad!

9.  I'm going to create an "artsy" Instagram account.

10.  I have relationships with both Harry Styles and Luke Hemmings.

11.  I am an insane 16 year old fangirl...oh wait, you already knew that.

Emily's Questions:

 When is your birthday and how tall are you?
Answer:  My birthday is July 7th and I am 5'10".

Sunrise or sunset?
Answer:  Sunset.  The sunrise would involve me having to wake up early and I am NOT a morning person.

Gold or silver?
Answer:  Both.

Flats or heels?
Answer:  Heels!  

If you could choose another name for yourself, what would it be?
Answer:  Probably my middle name, Isabel.

Where do you see yourself in eight years?
Answer:  A partner in Youtube, living in an apartment in LA full of other crazy Youtubers.  Yeah, I'd like that life.

Why are you proud of yourself?
Answer:  I'm not the person who admits what she's proud of in herself but I'd say my artistic skills make me pretty impressed sometimes.

8. If you could switch places with someone for a week, who would it be?
Answer:  This is actually a really hard question.  I'm sure someone is going to hate me for saying this but I've always wondered what it'd be like to be Kendall or Kylie Jenner.

If you could go out with a fictional character, who would it be and why?
Answer:  My fictional character, Damian, from the book I'm writing for sure! *swoon*

What is your best subject in school?
Answer:  Math, I believe.

What is your least favorite accessory?
Answer: Purses.  They always seem to get in my way.

     I know I'm supposed to nominate 11 other bloggers but I feel like the blogging world could use a small break from nominations (even though they're fun).  So I'm going to leave it at that.  See you tomorrow!


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Reunited in Kentucky

     From my post before, I mentioned that my cousin's came out to go to the Country Fest.  What I didn't mention is that I went back with my cousin, Kayla, to her house in Kentucky to have a week of fun!  Don't forget that this also means me not being able to see my mom for another whole week.

     The 3rd week of craziness in June began with a much needed reunion with one of my best friends, Anna.  Kayla and I met Anna around five year's ago at a camp in Wisconsin.  The first year of camp, I was actually kind of scared of her.  She looked like this strong intimidating teenager (I was only 11) and I avoided her as much as possible through the entire camp.  However, the very next year when Kayla and I went back to camp, we ended up being roomed together with Anna.  After one conversation, I knew Anna and I were going to be great friends and I found out that she wasn't that "frightening" of a person that I thought she was the year before.  She was a girl who was actually younger than me and just had a strong-willed personality with a fun, crazy side.  By the time our 2nd year of camp ended, we've already exchanged emails and phone numbers.  We stayed in contact with each other and once again, the very next year at camp, we were roommates and our friendship only became stronger.  Just this last year, we somehow, miraculously, both went to Catholic Family Land in Ohio at the same time without planning it, as well.  So this year, Kayla, Anna, and I did not want to break the routine of seeing each other once every year.  Kayla and Anna created a plan of having Anna fly up from her home state, Georgia, and land in Kentucky where we'd all be reunited again!

     Through this week together in late June, we tried to have as much fun as possible.  We swam a lot.  We even had the chance to go night swimming with glow sticks!  We watched scary movies, went shopping, bought candy at a candy store, ate frozen yogurt, went to the Walking Bridge in Louisville, played tennis, and watched fireworks over the 4th of July.

Don't worry, we're not naked.
The Walking Bridge
Fourth of July
     I'm still trying to get in the habit of taking pictures of everything but that's not going to happen until I get a new phone or iPod.  Anyways, we had a blast and were very sad to say goodbye.  We have actually already began our plans of being together again next year.  Oh, and, proudly, Kayla and I have accomplished our goal of persuading Anna to join the "dark side": loving One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer.  Success!

P.S.  If you need proof that she's now a Directioner...I received a Snapchat the next week from Anna...


Friday, August 1, 2014

Two Weeks of Being Mom-less

     It turns out I've decided to stay home tonight and not be social.  Mostly because my ride to the party became suddenly busy... and I'm too lazy to go get my own driver's license.  But who needs people when you've got books and wifi, right?

     Back on the 16th of June, my mom left for a two week vacation with some of her lady-friends to go to Germany, Rome, and Switzerland.  Trust me, you appreciate your mother a lot more once you have to be "mom" for two weeks.  Even though I only had to take care of my dad and little brother (who's 14), my everyday routine consisted of laundry, meals, dishes, cleaning, and I barely had any alone time for myself.  However, my genius father created the idea of taking our own little vacation to New York (to be exact, Niagara Falls) over the first week of not having mom around.  So on that first Tuesday morning, we left Ohio and made our way to New York.

(Pictures are not high quality because my mother took the big nice camera so we were left with my little brother's iPod.)

We stopped by Lake Erie along the way.
We also saw the largest covered bridge in the US.
      After some sight seeing in northern Ohio, we continued to our destination.

At night vs. the day
      Niagara Falls was beautiful but if you ever have the chance to go, I suggest getting a passport and viewing it from the Canadian side.  From the American side, you can only see the Falls from weird angles.  It was still amazing though! 
     After staying a night in New York, we went back to hike through the state park of Pennsylvania. 

Not the most flattering picture but Dad and I decided to show off our acting "skills".
     By the time we arrived back to Ohio, it was Thursday evening.  I was absolutely exhausted.  The next morning, I had to wake up very early to babysit three little crazy boys.  By the end of Friday, I was a walking zombie.  It didn't get any better because on Saturday morning I had to, once again, have my bags packed and ready to drive 3 hours to Indiana for my cousin's graduation party and last dance recital.  It just so happened to be a blast!

     My cousins and I stayed in tents and campers in our aunt's backyard on Saturday night.  My cousin Kayla (the one in the blue skirt above) and I made the mistake of sharing a bed in one of the campers.  We were up till 5am fangirling about everything: books, movies, TV shows, One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, etc. We somehow woke up 3 hours later and continued on with our day without being somewhat drowsy. The weekend was a lot of fun!

    Our 2nd week without mom was boring and busy with chores and such.  On the coming weekend though, I saw all of my cousins again at the Country Fest.  The Country Fest is a huge picnic that's a huge deal where I live.  People actually call it God's Picnic because it's so much fun!  Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures from the fest.   

     My next post will be up soon! 


It's-Never-Too-Late Update!

     I remember thinking on my last day of high school as a freshman that I was going to blog throughout the entire summer.  I was going to make a large fun summer bucket list, do adventurous activities everyday, and share it all on my blog along the way.  As you may have noticed, this "goal" of mine has not been accomplished.  Now, with only a few weeks left of summer, I am very much regretting my failed attempts to blog this summer.  BUT after several months of a break from blogging, my mind is finally in the mood to be creative!  In these last few weeks leading back to school, I will be sharing with you some of the "adventures" I've been able to have this summer and art projects I've been working on.  At the beginning of the summer, I wanted to do a Q & A and perhaps a room tour?  Honestly, I'm not going to let school get in the way of letting me blog so I'm still going to achieve all of the goals I made back in May.  With that said, you now have some posts to look forward to (at least I hope you're looking forward to them)!  I should have one of my posts up tonight unless I decide to venture out of my room and actually socialize with people at a party... See ya later!