Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Wedding Bells Have Rung

A month ago from today, Mackenzie Buscher became Mackenzie Bertke.  The wedding was beautiful and beyond perfection.  

The Mass.
The Bride and Groom
The Whole Wedding Party
The Bridesmaids!
We're so happy to be sisters!
The Groomsmen!
Flawless <3
The Bouquet Toss
It's time to party!
The Reception
The Wedding Cake
     I still can't believe it's over after nearly 2 years of preparation for The Big Day.  Today, Andrew and Mackenzie are happily living in a big farm house with their three dogs and one sassy kitten.  They are approximately only fifteen minutes away and neighbors to my best friend so we see each other often (thank goodness!).
     With the amount of pictures I have received from the wedding, I have only showed you a small amount of what I have but I did post most of them on Google+.  I will leave the link down below if you want to view all of them... you really should because some of them are very funny and beautiful and there are also pictures of the decorations from the wedding reception.


  1. I CANNOT get over how amazing that picture of the Mass is! And the decorations are amazingggg! The cake is gorgeous:) BTW, you look GREAT!! I'm so happy for your family and I will pray that they continue to have a happy marriage!

  2. Hi Sarah - I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! You can read the full post here.

    Emily | Lynde Avenue

    1. Thank you SO much, Emily! I can't wait to answer your questions!