Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Sunshine Award

I'd like to give a shoutout to the one and only Lila aka My Fangirl Buddy for tagging me in the Sunshine Award! She's awesome and you should go follow her flawless blog!

(I hope you enjoy reading me answers)

The rules are:
1. Thank the blogger that nominated her and link to her blog
2. Nominate other bloggers and let them know on their blogs
3. Answer a list of ten questions
4. The Sunshine Award button must be posted on the blog

1: What is your dream job?
Over the years, my dream job has been constantly changing but I'm pretty certain on what I want to do now.  My dream job is to get my book series published and become an author, while, being a famous YouTuber and traveling the world, having fun, and just making people laugh.  I don't want to be just another number on the world's population number. I want to be somebody; I want people to know my name.

2: What are some of your goals for 2014?
I've been thinking about this a lot lately.  I'm not sure yet. I am planning on writing a big New Years Resolutions post very soon. So stay tuned ;)

3: If you had three wishes,what would you wish for?
This question is always hard.  I'd wish that people would be able to live their life freely and not be so afraid of failure and what other people would think of their actions and looks.  I'd wish that One Direction would be immortal and make music for eternity so my children and my children's children would be able to experience them and the happiness that they bring you as they've done to me. And lastly, I'd wish that abortion would end so that millions of babies could be saved. 

4: What was your favorite part about 2013?
Honestly, 2013 was a really crappy year for me and I'm trying to forget about it; bury it in the ground and never think about it again. It's in the past.

5: Where is your favorite place to go?
Probably my library since the nearest book store is 1 to 2 hours away, but I also love travelling so anytime I'm going out-of-state, I'm super happy. 

6: What song describes you the most?
Definitely American Girl by Bonnie McKee.

7: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I hope I'll be in college, an on-my-way-to-being-famous YouTuber, a soon-to-be author, and be in a series relationship.

8: How would you describe yourself?
Crazy, weird, funny, nerdy, competitive, outgoing, friendly, and nice.

9: What is your inspiration?
Definitely music and black and white pictures

10: Did you have fun doing this post?
Yes, I did!

I tag everybody who has a blog to do this tag! It's a great way to get your followers to know you a little better.



  1. Oh my Gosh Sarah you just made my day. I just love the One Direction thing,I can't stop smiling about that. I actually read it aloud so everyone would hear it and then I re read it four times. Sarah you are so amazing I love all your answers to your questions! You did a flawless job! I'm so happy you enjoyed it! You rock! And you always know just how to make me smile. Love you girly!

    1. Lila, you just made my day 1000 times better!!! Nooooooo, YOU are amazing and YOU never make me stop smiling!! Love you too, girly!!!

    2. Good I'm glad! I love making people's days and making them smile

  2. Awesome post love it , your posts are awesome

  3. Oh yay! I just found your blog......and I have found some one else who likes One Direction too ;) I would grant your wish for you if I could, cuz I wish the same!!!!! I love your blog, and your design is absolutely lovely <3 I'm your newest follower XD