Saturday, January 25, 2014

Go Buckeyes!

What better way to start off the new year than to go to an OSU basketball game?  On January 12th of 2014, I was able to experience my very first college basketball game with some of my friends. We had awesome seats and, luckily, I decided to bring my camera which was rather smart of me since my ipod and phone both have terrible cameras. 

       The game was so exciting (even though we lost) especially when I was able to experience it with some of my close friends (picture above from left to right: Ali, Lisa, Macey, Me, and Paige).  And then of course, there's the one and only Aaron Craft.  If you live in Ohio, you will understand the fangirl feels of me actually seeing him in person and not just on TV.  If you are not from Ohio, you should know that Aaron Craft is the man-crush of every girl in Ohio from the ages of 10 to, at least, 30.  It's basically an unwritten law in Ohio that if you're a girl, you have to be in love with this guy. 

Ladies, I introduce you to Aaron Craft ☟

Isn't he a cutie? Although, unfortunately, he's not single but, recently, engaged.  Let's just say many Ohioans' hearts have been broken (including mine).

Have you done anything exciting to start your new year?



  1. Oh my gosh Sarah you are so freaking beautiful. Oh my gosh I'm so jelly I loooove basketball!!! It's SOOO exciting! Oh meh gosh,what a cutie he is! Oh gosh I really haven't done anything besides sitting on meh lazy butt -_- I'm so boring

  2. *blushes* Ohh shucks, Lila, thank you deary! :) But I'm not as beautiful ?as YOUUUU!!! Hahaha! That's what us fangirls are best at, is it not? We just sit on our butts and read and cry and embarrass our family when we rarely go out in public. ;D

    1. Ummm I don't think so. Trust me you are much prettier.
      Oh my gosh you have no idea how many times I've embarrassed my family over Fangirling mostly Neeli. Oh Sarah I'm so glad you understand me. Like if I see one of my fandoms out in public I blow up,I can not talk,I can not breath,I can not walk straight...it's bad.