Monday, November 18, 2013

yay & nay [#1]

😄 Yay 😄
~ The Fault in Our Stars = Perfection
~ Augustus Waters = Perfection
(I'm only in the first chapter of this book and I'm already in love 👆)
~ Catching Fire entering theaters this week!
~ This flawless Girl! 👈 She's my main fangirl buddy!
~ Revolution...best most addicting TV show ever...
~ High school football playoff season
~ Thanksgiving break next week
~ Black Friday shopping next week
~ Christmas only a month-ish away!
~ My lifelong bestfriend
😠 Nay 😠
~ Allegiant depression
~ School
~ Not having wifi
~ Not being able to watch Revolution all day, everyday.
~ Having to wait a whole year to get my license
~ Not having a laptop to begin writing my book


  1. I didn't listen to you Sarah...I stayed up reaaally late reading The Fault In Ours Stars....*sighs* . ASDFGHJKL I KNOW RIGHT! HE IS PERFECT!!!! *Sniffles* aww Sarah,youre wayyy too sweet! I'm so lucky to have you as a fangirling buddy! You are the best. Like the best. -_- no wifi....just has to be the worse thing ever....

    Love you tons and imma gonna steal your button shhhh

    1. *Gasp*...Oh no, Lila! That means we both failed! I was up passed midnight as well...I am way to in love with this book already. Augustus is wrecking my soul. His perfectness is embarrassing me in front of my family because I can't stop smiling at everything he says! And yes, no wifi...it's TERRIBLE! O_o

      OH MY GOSH!!! I LOVE YOU! *blowing a kiss* I hope you don't mind if I steal your button as well... :)

    2. I must say though,I enjoy the excitement of staying up late with a good book,that way I could go to bed with wonderful thoughts about the book,not sad thoughts *cough cough* Allegiant. I KNOW RIGHT!HE IS KILLING ME!!! I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM!!! I REALLY CAN NOT SMILING,I WOKE UP WITH A HAPPY FEELING CAUSE OF HIM.
      I love you too Sarah I love you very much. Really? Oh yes yes I would be honored if you stole my button he he he Thank you!