Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Allegiant *no spoilers*

This book has ripped out my soul and shredded it to itsy bitsy pieces.
I can't believe the series has ended.
I have never felt so many different emotions in my life.
I feel like I want to cry and hug someone
but at the same time
I want to punch somebody
but I also want to
walk into a room full of puppies.
Anybody else feel this way?
It's definitely going to take me awhile to fully recover from finishing this series and leaving Tobias.
But I'll make it.
Because I am brave.
     Reading this book series has changed my life. I still personally want to thank Veronica Roth for creating Tobias Eaton. But I also really want to slap her. I'll forgive her in time though. In time.
I was too shocked to actually cry. Although my little fangirl inside me was slowly being choked to death. Poor girl wasn't made for this kind of stuff. I'm going to miss this series so much. I know I'm going to stay up all night thinking about it. I'm so excited about the movie though! I'm definitely not going to be able to watch it the same after reading Allegiant. But I know I'm going to love it to death! And Tobias is going to help me get through this grief. Together we will. Always.
And Forever.
I will never forget about you Tobias Eaton.
And Tris Prior.
You will be forever in my heart.

Aside from feeling sad and depressed, there's a part of me that is slowly beginning to respect Allegiant more.
Watching other people's reviews has definitely helped me understand some things.
If you have already read this book, I HIGHLY suggest you read Veronica Roth's post. She explains the ending and it has definitely helped me so I'm sure it will help you!
Please comment below what you thought of this last book of the Divergent Trilogy.
(Please no spoilers)


  1. Preach it Sarah! Preach it! Gosh, I couldn't agree more with you. I better go check out that post. The sad feels are coming back!

    I'm so glad I'm not going through this alone.

  2. This post is perfect,you took my thoughts out of my mind and written down the thoughts. beautiful Sarah,just beautiful

    1. Thank you, Darling! You never fail to make me smile *smiling like a dork*