Saturday, September 28, 2013


I have never been fully satisfied with my blog title or design and I'm ready for an upgrade! So, a new design will be coming to this blog and I'm excited! Going to try to make it a little more "professional". I'm also looking into a new name. I really like the title "The Crazy Beautiful Life of an American Girl" because I like my title now but I'm not going to be a teenager forever and I tend on keeping this blog like my whole life. But then, I feel like if I put "American Girl" in the title, people are going to think I'm talking about the dolls...Since I can't decide on a title, I'll let you flawless people help me? Please?
Comment below what title YOU like ☟
1. The Crazy Beautiful Life of an American Girl
2. The Crazy Beautiful Life of a Girl
3. The Beautiful Life of an American Girl
4. The Crazy Life of an American Girl
5. The Crazy Life of a Girl
Those are some ideas. If you have any ideas of your own, comment them below! Thank you so much!
                                                                          Sarah Isabel


  1. I know this isn't in the options you gave us, but do you like country music? If you do, I just thought of the name "The Crazy Life of an American Beautiful Girl" :) (y'know, from the song American Beautiful by The Henningsens) :) Just a thought.

  2. 2! I love that tittle, and it can kind of last for a while :)


  3. or you could do "My crazy beautiful life" :} idk.

    1. Ooh I like this one! :) Great idea Kenz!

    2. I love it, Mackenzie!!! I think I'll put a poll up on my side bar :)

  4. maybe you could go really simple and do 'A Beautiful Life' ? :)

    1. I love this idea too! I think I'll put a poll on my sidebar because I can't choose between your idea and Kenzie's!

  5. loving your blog! and nominated you as versatile blogger award: http://music-andlittlemoments.blogspot.sg/2013/09/blog-award.html
    keep on blogging and sharing the love!