Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tagged By Emma

I was tagged by my lovely friend, Emma! Thanks, Emma!
You have to post 11 things about yourself.
You have to answer the questions I'll be giving you.
You have to try to nominate 5 people. And lastly, You have to make up 11 questions for the people you nominate to answer, and you can't pick me!
The Facts:
1. I'm obbsessed with painting my nails. (Ask my family)
2. I am totally obbsessed with Pinterest! (Follow me!)
3. Music inspires me :)
4. I'm obbsessed with qoutes.
5. I almost have 300 things on my bucket list. (I might post about it sometime)
6. I really want to make a Youtube channel and be as famous as Jenna Marbles. (She's awesome!!!)
7. I hate dogs. Yes, I said it. I am totally a crazy cat lady.
8. I REALLY want to re-design my bedroom.
9. I'm obbsessed with high school football games. They are the best, most fun things in the world!
10. I'm a sucker for boys.
11. I wish I had more older brothers. They're awesome!
The Answers:
1) Composition or spiral notebooks? Composition
2) Peeta or Gale? TEAM GALE, BABY!!!
3) Apple or pumpkin pie? Pumpkin pie!
4) Dark chocolate or milk chocolate? Hmmmm that's hard...milk chocolate
5) Soda or flavored water? Soda although where I live, it's called pop.
6) Winter or Fall? Fall
7) Contacts or Glasses? I don't wear glasses or contacts but if I did, I would totally wear contacts.
8) Mystery or Horror books? Hmmmmmmmm....that's so hard!!! Ummmm...both?
9) Necklaces or Bracelets? Totally bracelets.
10) Ballet or Tap Dance? Neither.
11) Orchestra or Chorus? Neither.
1) (movie) Pride&Prejudice (old or new, I don't care) or Emma? I haven't seen those movies.
2) Designing or blogging? Blogging!
3) Talking or email chat? Talking.
4) Almonds or sunflower seeds? Almonds.
5) Youth Group or some other kind of youth event? I don't go to any sort of youth group thingy.
6) Choir or band? (even if you do neither, you have to choose) A band :{
7) Labels or no labels? Idk :P
8) Simple design or complex design? (blog design) Complex design. I guess...
9) Math or science? OMG! Who likes science?! Totally math!
10) History or English? English :P
11) What languages do you speak? British (not really), Colombian (not really), and English (really) 
Emma's Questions:
Math or English? Math!!!!
Harry Potter or Ron Weasley? Harry
Chocolate or Vanilla Ice-cream? Chocolate!
Water or Milk? MILK!
Spring or Summer? Summer!!!
Short Sleeve or Tank Tops? Tank top...
Harry Potter or Twilight? TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST BOOKS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
Jewelry or Purses? Jewelry! I hate caring around purses. They annoy me!
Volleyball or Soccer? That's so hard!! Hmmmmmmm both?
Britt Nicole or Tobymac? I don't listen to Christian music so idk.
My Questions:
1. Facebook, Twitter, or Email?
2. Mall or Thrift Store?
3. Upside down carnival rides or on-the-grown rides?
4. Shy or Outgoing?
5. Toms or Converse?
6. Vlogs or blogs?
7. Small towns or big cities?
8. Plaid or stripes?
9. Flats or heels?
10. Dresses or skirts?
11. Do you share your bedroom or do you have it all to yourself?
I tag the first 5 people to comment. Good luck ;)

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